About Us

Enthymion is a warm and welcoming place, made with a lot of love, housed in a mansion in Kypriado since 1995.

Piano melodies, selected from the Greek and foreign repertoire, accompany your dinner every Friday and Saturday, making it special and special.

On winter Sunday afternoons, from November to May, we are open for you to enjoy our dishes and our hospitality with your company.

Our Backyard

On beautiful summer evenings, the tables "go out" to the terrace and the blooming garden, an image from the nobility and glamor of those houses!  

Our Dishes

Our Chef Annivas Pitylakis changes the menu four times a year, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the flavors and the smells of every season!

Our Story

This house was bought by my grandfather, Memas Tsasis, back in 1950.
Here is where my mother and her brothers grew up, here is where I also grew up.
Every single corner brings back so many memories…
Memories from my childhood and my family.
On November 30, 1995, my house finally opened its doors to the whole world.
This was the day Enthymion was born.
Since then, it has hosted numerous nights of quality taste and music.
Enthymion was created with a lot of love and warmth.
For me, it is still home.

Coco Nikitoglou

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